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Well, I missed June in its entirety so I imagine I'm due for an update but there's nothing to say. I've been working, overworked, really. Sister needed a loan of $1500 because she's in such horrible credit debt she can't get new cards and her current ones are cutting her off. It's a horrible proposition but my father forced me into it. Stocks have been sucking of late but I still have $14.1k in stocks. $1400 in the bank. $1800 owed me by my sister. Not doing too badly.

I have my new 24" Dell monitor, of course. My new Z-5500 speakers too. Been looking at a Ninja ZZR-600. It's a sexy bike.

My job may be dissapearing soon. There's a demo to a guy who will probably kill the project because it sucks. I'll still be paid my week of paid time off and my remaining week of work before the demo, though, so that's another $1700 paycheck, as well as the $1700 paycheck I'm still owed. Plus I'll get big wads of cash back from the Government Man because I was taxed assuming I'd make twice as much as I ended up making. Not a bad situation. That's plenty of money to finish college, though I'll have to refrain from excessive side-purchases.

I was forced to skip my planned trip to Centralia because I was made to work over that weekend. Pissed me off. Going to need to plan a new trip.

My life has been really boring lately. Been trying to figure out what to do to be less bored again. Any suggestions from people online?
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