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I've pretty much stopped posting entirely, haven't I? In any case, a few people still list me as a friend, if only because my lack of text has let them forget they still list me. A cursory update, then. Finished both classes this semester with an A each, even though I was worrying and complaining at friends and coworkers at length over whether I would even pass one of them with a C. Typical for me. I aspire only to avoid failure. It's only the fact I fear failure with such insane levels of pessimism that drives me to do anywhere near decently, even if it leaves me neurotic. Regardless, it's a non-issue now. College is completed, again. MS in CS, 3.9 GPA, and an award for academic achievement. Yay. Will use this, the fact I will now work full-time, and my newfound ability to move anywhere as leverage to bully my job into giving me a 25% raise. I probably won't get the full amount this time as that's a pretty exceptional raise but I'll be fucked if I don't get at least a 20% raise. Going to do some reading on the one bullshitty subject that's hurting my resume (lack of OO development stuff) so I can bullshit like everyone else they're hiring and then apply for more jobs. At present, I'm applying for a job from BAE doing top-secret research for $100k/yr (well, that's the job's low end--prospective employees with relevant experience and PhDs could get up to $175k); had to go through two levels of contracted head-hunters but my resume has made it to them and I should get a call back soon. If I got it, that'd be fucking awesome. It's closer than my present job, pays nearly twice as much, has all-around better benefits, and is doing vastly more interesting shit. Even if I don't get this one, I'll be spamming out resumes elsewhere. I just really hate my present job. Anyway, I won't be able to afford my own place unless I get a hell of a raise or take a decent job offer. I haven't gone through the effort of saving up a bunch of home-buying cash to go and rent an apartment for years.
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