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Fucking pansies.

Okay, so I picked up EVE Online a while ago. Seems like an interesting game. I'm what is known as a huge 'carebear' in the game. I LOATHE high-security PVP, I don't like podding (killing people and wiping out their stats vs just destroying their ship and making them harmless), I react badly to piracy, etc. I had been in this corporation I loved for all kinds of reasons; it was based around cooperative missioning which I love (since I'm a carebear), was based in the perfect place for it, due to the factions I like working for, had a low tax rate, etc. After several months of being a good member, they kicked me out for unknown reasons. I tried contacting them to get it worked out but found I was blocked from talking to or mailing any of the leaders, from the forum, from the TeamSpeak channel, and from their public EVE channel. Lame. Spent a week trying to relay messages through underlings who didn't block me. One of them let drop that I was kicked for being a spy. I wasn't, of course. Eventually gave up after two weeks and decided to fulfill their claim and sold them out, for free, to the corp they claimed I had worked for. A week later, I joined a new corp that isn't quite as good but is decent anyway. A week later still, my old corp sent a mail to my new corp saying I was a spy and said I 'left' right before they were war-dec'd. I went and asked some of the lower ranked members if they had been war-dec'd by the corp I had sold them out to repeatedly, letting them figure out it was me, but I wanted to make sure it WAS what I was being accused of. Turned out it wasn't. An hour after I went around bugging them all about it, that corp went and declared war on them. Then I got messages being all pissy and saying they were filing a harrassment suit against me with CCP, makers of EVE Online. It will fail, of course. EVE loves this kinda shit. If they take personal action against me, I have plenty more nasty tricks up my sleeve. After all, I'm currently doing severe damage to them at no expense. If I want to invest my in-game money or real-live hours to fucking them over, I already have several plans to pursue that will make being war-dec'd with the enemy knowing the location of every member to attack at their leisure look like the good old days.
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