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Yet another LiveJournal, by Sean

Angst. Ennui. Lack of content.

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Sean Llewelyn Colier
16 March
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I would tell the unwary reader to simply read through the painfully monotonous entries of my livejournal, especially those featuring unlinked references to my activities elsewhere, which are nigh-incomprehensible, yet there isn't enough left of it to make an accurate representation of myself. The majority of the entries are unevenly distributed in the past when I actually had the effort to maintain a journal's upkeep. Of late, I have been reduced to an existence consisting only of my work, computer science, and those elements necessary to further my work. I refuse to abandon higher education for even a moment with anything less than a Master’s degree. It is possible I will continue on to a PhD: despite the fact I have had little tolerance for ineptitude among those I have taught, I have found the lessons still left an impact and enjoy the activities of both learning and passing on knowledge. Furthermore the idea of funded research intrigues me. Beyond that single goal, there is little else to my life. I aspire to compose interestingly, both the form of prose and in the stories held therein, yet I find myself lacking any such talents. Such is likewise the case for photography but I believe, there, rote mastery will yield worthwhile results from sheer quantity. My knowledge of videogame lore is keen in a sad way. In testament, I have written a Silent Hill fanfiction. More accurately, I began a Silent Hill fanfic before I realized I could do nothing for it and quit. See above. Every mode of speech I involve myself with freely shows my thoughts as nearly incoherent productions. This is because I am, as should be obvious by now, too lacking in effort to order them. What wit you think you see from me is a mistake on your part. My only joke is self-debasing parody. My ultimate aspiration in life is to construct an AI capable of voiding my existence—surpassing me in every aspect.

Politically, I count myself a libertarian for the ease of classification. In reality, I disagree with all parties and all candidates on many issues as all do who think for themselves. It doesn’t help my choices that…
Religiously, I am an atheist. The agnostic is the only one who relies on truth to decide. The others hedge their bets on the chance they’re right. Only the atheist demands an end to existence which sits well with the fact that....
Philosophically, I am a nihilist. I guess saying much more on the subject is pointless.

If you truly desire to contact me, IM the provided screen name and persist despite my unwelcoming responses. I will never change but perhaps whatever would drive you to contact me could be resolved.
1984, akira yamaoka, anime, art, artwork, bach, beethoven, black, blade of the immortal, blades, blood, boti, bragging, burning, c, c++, cabling, caffeine, carbonated beverages, cat-5, catch-22, civil war, combat, comic stripping, comics, compiling, complaining, computer games, computers, console games, console rpgs, consoles, cracking, cutting edges, death, depression, destruction, doom patrol, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, edgar allen poe, enix, ennui, evil, eyes, fantasy, fear, fencing, fiber-optics, fighting, final fantasy, games, gaming consoles, gaming industry, graphics, guns, h2g2, hacking, harming, hiroaki samura, hitchhikers guide, html, humor, insanity, java, javascript, jhonen vasquez, johann sebastian bach, johnny the homicidal maniac, jthm, katanas, kendo, killing, knives, konami, led zeppelin, loafing, long hair, losers, lying, maiming, manipulation, mcp, meatballs, mozart, mu*s, mucking, muds, murdering, mushs, music, muxen, photography, planetary, playstation, pleasure, pointies, pointy objects, posing, preacher, procrastination, programming, ps2, psx, randomness, rbt, rifles, rising stars, role-play, role-playing, role-playing games, roleplaying, rp, rpgs, rping, sci-fi, science fiction, semi-automatic weapons, seppuku, sharp things, shinies, slayers, slaying, sleeping, sluggy, sluggy freelance, snipers, soda, speaking, square enix, squaresoft, squeenix, stabbing, stories, suicide, suikoden, swords, tae kwon do, the doors, video games, violence, weapons, wild arms, writing, xenogears, yasunori mitsuda

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