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My mouth is bleeding heavily.

Had my two top wisdom teeth pulled. Shots fucking hurt and when he started pulling the one tooth it fucking hurt but once he had me properly novocained up it only took about 15 seconds to get each out.

My mother is fucking disgusting. She keeps randomly visiting. This results in a variety of things including:

She takes the toilet roll off the spool. She then somehow gets the whole thing coated in feces. The exterior, the sides, even INSIDE the roll.
She also leaves balled up toilet paper all over the bathroom. Literally at least a dozen balls after a single one or two hour visit.
She thinks my tub is too dirty so she's taken to clean it. What this consists of is breaking up a whole new bar of Ivory soap (cuz it's healthier than chlorox!) and spreading it all over the tub and probably wiping it down with paper towels, then leaving whatever bits of soap remain in the tub for me to clean up when I need to take a shower. Between the paper towels and soap she lets slip into the drain, it pretty much clogs the tub till it can't drain after only three or four visits.
This isn't just for tubs. She thinks Ivory is the ultimate in non-hazardous cleaning material. She also breaks it up and uses it to wash all kinds of shit. I found broken up ivory in the sink spread around some dishes, so she apparently uses it in lieu of dish cleaner too.
She has also started leaving wads of toilet paper that were apparently used as emergency tampons on my bathroom floor.
She also steals my sodas and promises to buy replacements. The replacements end up being the little half-size sodas in a brand I don't like which disappear the next day since she takes them to work with her.
She also bitched me out for being unappreciative when I told to quit fucking 'washing' the tub.
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