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Holiday cheer

It's getting close enough so I'm going to bring in the Christmas season with my strongest memory of Christmas.

It was many years ago; about 9. I was therefore about 14. My family had bought some excellent gifts for the Christmas gathering going on a few hours up north. A good boombox for my grandfather, expensive telescope for one cousin, etc. Nice stuff all around. A little after we arrived and I was bored while the relatives asked about how I was doing in the special retard school and their single child talked about how awesome he was, gift-giving occurred. I was all, fuck yeah, gifts! From the aunt who got a dress and whose son got the telescope, I got a used Tiger electronics game. I forget what my sister got. They gave my mother an empty box. My uncle gave me deodorant. And my grandfather gave me nothing. This was the last time we ever had Christmas or any holiday visits with this side of the family. I've taken to contacting them recently to ask if the kid's still going through college, wasn't he supposed to graduate a year ago, and oh have they attempted to start another business after the last one failed? Then I talk about how I have a higher education than anyone in their family has and talk about how much money I make.
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