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Operation: Get a raise

Decided it was time to ask for another raise. I got a 5% raise after 6 months of work but I still felt I was being highly underpaid. However, the date when most companies would have an employee evaluation came around and I decided to ask for 10% after the 5% I already had the day I hit a year's work. What I ended up doing was explaining why I deserve a raise and asking for one and letting my boss give the initial offer which I then planned to argue up to 10%. He gave 11%. I had to ask to make sure that was applied over the 5% I was already given earlier in the same year, but it was. So that's 16.55% raise in the span of a year. Depending on the source, I am still not being paid very competitively (just a teeny bit below the low-end of what I'm worth) or WAY too much. The former is based on job offers (which are ALWAYS for people with more experience but I toned down my worth by $10k to match the lack of two extra years) I cited to my boss, the latter on classmates' salaries. Amusingly, my top secret clearance came through yesterday, which means it seems to my boss as though I waited for my TSC to clear and immediately requested a pay increase.
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