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More money stuff.

Nyaha, fuck society! I've got long hair with scraggly shit at the back because I'm too lazy to shave my neck. I've got long nails because I like them that way and they're quite tough enough to gouge bloody troughs in flesh (which I've accidentally done to myself on occasion). I wear wrinkled shirts every day. I have no manners to speak of. I am cold and impersonal. I have venomous lips and a barbed tongue; every lash cuts deep and stings. I drop casual insults as gangstas drop beats. In spite of myself and in spite of my total lack of adherence to social norms, I am successful. I love being able to prove people can be jerkass weirdos and still function better than the average person in society. Census Bureau even says I make more money for my age group with just a BS than the average guy with a MS.
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