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Designed a new PC for myself. It's only $300 more than the last PC I designed for myself, when I chose a cheaper case and PSU, and my last PC was crap right when I got it, so I'm wary I'm getting seriously shitty stuff somewhere and not noticing it. $1185.90 total (before S&H, which will add probably about $50, and before the OS, which is another $150). I had expected to spend $1500 on hardware alone, before S&H and OS.

Lian-Li A09B case (yes, a 8800 will fit in there--barely), WD Raptor 150GB non-gamer edition (view screens are for fags), EVGA 8800GTS 512MB (granted, I intend to utilize their upgrade plan to a 9800GTX shortly), Turtle Beach RIVIERA 5.1 PCI soundcard (to take just a little more strain off the PC for games, and because I don't need more than that), Rosewill 550W PSU, 4x1GB DDR2 800 RAM (Ballistix), a GIGABYTE mobo that kicks ass and I don't need outside opinion on, and a Q6600.

I also plan to get a gigabit ethernet network drive to make up for the lack of HD space.

Any comments on where my PC is lacking?

Edit: Seriously, I want helpful comments. Comment! Although don't tell me to get an 8800GTX or Ultra. The GTX performs almost exactly as well as the GTS G92 despite costing $100 more and the Ultra costs twice as much for meager gains, which is nuts.
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